10. Birds of the Everglades

Although alligators win the popularity contest of animals that people hope to see when they visit the Everglades, there are many other fascinating forms of wildlife that you will likely encounter.

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White Ibis

White Ibis

Birds are practically a symbol of the Everglades. The wide variety of birds have been captured beautifully in the paintings of nature artists such as John James Audubon. According to some reports, in the 1800s there were so many migratory and wading birds that they actually darkened the skies with their massive numbers.

Unfortunately, bird populations have greatly declined in the Florida Everglades. This is due to hunters as well as loss of habitat. Despite this, there are still approximately 350 bird species in Everglades National Park alone. Some are year-round residents, while other species just visit for the winter. Some may just stop by on their journey to even more southerly destinations.

Some of the most notable of wading birds you may see in the Everglades are:

  • Wood Storks
  • White and Glossy Ibises
  • Roseate Spoonbills
  • Great Blue Herons
  • Great White Herons
  • Tricolored Herons
  • Snowy Egrets
  • Great Egrets