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Everglades Mangrove Wilderness

personal & popular

Captain Jack's Airboat Tours are the most popular airboat tours in Everglades City. We're open 365 days a year, allowing you to experience the Everglades any day that suits you. Our captains personalize each tour for your group on small, 6-passenger boats. They will draw on their knowledge and passion for the Everglades to teach you about the landscape, wildlife and history of the area.

Making Everglades Memories

We don't just want our guests to take a safe, fun, and educational Everglades airboat tour. We want them to have an awesome Everglades experience—with hours of unforgettable memories they'll want to share with family and friends.

That's why we offer multiple tours and attraction combinations that explore a variety of Everglades ecosystems. In addition to a fast-paced ride through the twisting, world-famous mangrove tunnels of Everglades City, you may enjoy  exclusive tours on private land including our wide-open grasslands and our cypress forest. We want every group to find the right tour for their schedule and budget.

Alligators & Animals

Many of our guests see a few wild animals like alligators, raccoons, birds, fish, bears, and deer on their tours. But sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, and wild animals don't appear.

That's one reason we maintain an Animal Sanctuary with over 100 alligators in addition to rescued animals like otters and a lion. Our sanctuary is licensed by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These licenses allow us to take proper care of our animals so you can be sure to see some amazing creatures when you visit.

In the Animal Sanctuary you can attend an hourly alligator show with an expert handler to ask questions and learn everything you wanted to know about the uniquely American alligator. After the show, you can even hold and hug a baby alligator. Don't forget to take pictures!

Why Choose Captain Jack’s?


Local Roots

Most of our team grew up in the Everglades and they all look forward to sharing their passion for the water and wildlife with you!

Safety & Experience

Our safe, experienced captains are licensed by the Coast Guard, and our boats are regularly maintained.

Two-Way Headsets

Interact with your captain and fellow passengers via 2-way headsets on all mangrove & wilderness airboats.

Alligators & Animals

You'll definitely see alligators and other animals in our sanctuary, and you might even see wild ones on your tour!

Quietest & Comfiest

Our custom airboats are the quietest and most comfortable they've ever been, with a ride just as thrilling.

Personal & Popular

Our small, personalized airboat tours are the most popular in Everglades City, 365 days a year.

Refreshments & Gifts

Buy refreshments and take Everglades gifts and souvenirs home with you.