12. Mammals in the Everglades

Wild pig in Everglades

Wild pig. Photo courtesy of Flickr user minds-eye.

If you decide to enjoy a tour through the amazing Florida Everglades, you won’t be the only mammal out there! There are more than forty species of mammals that inhabit Everglades National Park. However, many of these species are found in the drier habitats of forest and field, which are further east in the Everglades. You won’t be likely to see these animals around Everglades City, but you will see plenty of birds, reptiles, and other aquatic animals.

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Mammals have adapted to the semi-aquatic environment which makes up much of the Everglades. In our part of Everglades National park, you may see white-tailed deer wading through the sawgrass prairie or a bobcat in the mangroves, foraging for food.

There is only one member of the rabbit family found in Everglades Park–the marsh rabbit. You’ll find this bayou bunny in higher fresh water marshes, pinelands, and coastal prairies. It’s not uncommon to see it swimming!

Some other furry friends you can expect to find in the Everglades include raccoons, opossums, foxes, wild hogs, coyotes, and black bears.

You may also see streamlined river otters in the spring at the Anhinga Trail and Shark Valley in the Everglades. River otters are long, shiny, brown, seal-like animals. They are very playful, and their webbed back feet allow them to swim quickly through the water. Otters typically feed on turtles, fish, and even an occasional baby gator!

In many parts of Florida, otters may still be hunted for their winter hide, which is used to make coats. However, like all plants and animals in national parks, otters are protected in the Everglades.

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