Alligator Eye

Will I See Alligators?

Alligators are definitely the most popular animal in the Everglades! When can you see one? They’re around all year, but the chances of spotting one on an airboat tour go up in the hotter, wetter parts of the year (June through October).

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2-Way Headsets on All Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours

Captain Jack’s features new 2-way communication headsets on all airboat tours! Now you can interact with your captain and fellow riders throughout your entire airboat ride. Learn exciting Everglades facts, ask your captain questions, and talk to your fellow passengers on an unforgettable Everglades experience! All airboat tours at Captain Jack’s include 2-way communication headsets at no additional cost. Book …

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Best Times to See Birds

You can see many types of birds year-round in the Everglades, but some are more likely to appear on an airboat tour than others.

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