Birdwatching in the Everglades

Everglades BirdwatchingAre you a birdwatcher? Did you know over 350 species of birds have been spotted in the Everglades? John James Audubon himself commented on how the large number of birds in South Florida would “block out the light from the sun” when they flew overhead.

If you come to the Everglades to see birds, we’ve got a great free resource to share with you. Check out the National Park Service’s free, printable bird checklist. It not only provides a convenient list of every bird species to see, but also indicates their breeding status and your chances of seeing them in each season of the year.

The checklist also explains the six main Everglades bird habitats and points you to the nine best Everglades birdwatching spots. Check it out!

You can also browse the 350 species online. More popular species have photos and profiles.

If you’re planning an airboat tour in the everglades, we also have a list of the most common birds our airboat captains see on their tours.

Happy birdwatching!