Thanks to the Governor of Florida for Changing his Stance on the Everglades Restoration Project

Governor of Florida - Rick Scott

We just learned today from the Miami Herald that Florida Governor Rick Scott, has stopped by the Everglades Foundation’s two-day meeting in Naples on Wednesday and apparently told attendees that restoring the Everglades is now a top priority of his administration. This decision comes after the governor proposed to cut Everglades restoration money by 66 percent.

The article goes on to speculate that the reason why Rick Scott changed his mind…

…was due to a poll released by the Everglades Foundation in which there was some disapproval for the governor’s proposal. Although we don’t know the reason for Rick Scott’s actions, we’d like to thank him for choosing to set aside additional funds to improve this natural habitat that we call home. Whether a private company, person, or government entity wishes to improve our ecosystem, we are all for it!

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-Captain Jack